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One house lost more than one million in three years, and the parking space is only 13, which is also the second-hand housing market in Beijing

A suite has lost more than 1 million yuan in three years, and the parking space is only worth one third, which is also the second-hand housing market in Beijing Every reporter Wang Jiafei

Recently, Li Hongyang has just sold the house he bought in 2017 and \ Many people still have a deep impression on the booming property market in Beijing from 2016 to 2017.

At the end of 2016, a Beijing citizen left a message on the leader's message board, complaining that \

Three years ago, the second-hand housing market seemed like a world apart. At that time, some of the high-level buyers lost more than one million yuan, and many families' assets shrank by 2 million yuan. However, these sharp price cuts are not reflected in group data. Beijing's second-hand house prices even showed a year-on-month rise in May.

There are 1 million missing houses and only 1 / 3 of parking spaces are left

in 2016, reports about the prosperity of Beijing's real estate market frequently appeared on the Internet. Buying a house basically depends on robbing. The house that has been looked at in the morning receives a call from the intermediary who has already sold it in half a night. The sales office must queue up to enter in batches, and many people pay the intention money directly.

At present, Beijing's second-hand housing market is no longer the same as the most accurate and fast three plan platform. In the first half of 2020, the average transaction price of second-hand houses in Beijing was 2.3% lower than that in the same period last year, and the most accurate and fast three plan platform showed a negative 0.7% compared with the same period in 2018. Among them, the first quarter was 5.7% negative year-on-year, and the second quarter was down 2.2%. 67000 sets of second-hand housing online signed, 8.2% less than the same period last year.

The reporter of \ On June 15, 2020, 159 square meters of three rooms and two halls in yujingshan, Shijingshan, Beijing, which was completed on June 15, 2020, finally sold 6.99 million yuan after listing for nearly 100 days. However, the transaction price of the house in December 2016 was 8.08 million yuan, and the owner fully converted 1.09 million yuan.

Data source: chainer

At the end of 2019, the seller of Jintai City, Fengtai, with 87 square meters, 2 rooms and 1 hall, with a transaction price of 6.81 million yuan, was 0.99 million yuan less than that when it was taken over in November 2016.

In Haidian District, the morning moon garden, which was completed on March 25, 2020, sold for 5.95 million yuan, but the price in 2017 was 6.99 million yuan, and the seller's cost was 1.04 million yuan.

in Xicheng District, Zhongsheng Hutong sold for 5.75 million yuan on February 29, 2020, while the transaction price in March 2017 was 7 million yuan, and the seller converted 1.25 million yuan.

is not only a commercial house, but also a parking space. The 34 square meter parking space of phase II of kepirin'ao garden in Xiangyang District will be sold for 200000 yuan in 2018, but only 71000 yuan will be sold in June 2020, which is not only a \

Data source: chainer

These cases of loss of 1 million yuan + have been found in all regions of Beijing.

Li Hongyang said: \ If measured by the operating price, a large number of Beijing's property owners will find that their real estate has lost more than 2 million yuan compared with the peak period.

Ms. Tian, who lives in Fengtai, informed the reporter of \ \ However, I bought this house in 2012 with a total price of 2 million yuan and lost money in foreign countries

\ Naturally, there are more cases of slender floating.

Sheng Jialin, a real estate agent in the 21st century, informed reporters that since 2016, Beijing's second-hand housing groups have remained calm, and some sharp price cuts exist, but this is an individual case. The prices of the central villa area where they are located have risen slightly.

in Shijingshan, the transaction price of No.5 courtyard, Jingyuan Road, Shijingshan was 2.37 million yuan on June 20, while in September 2016, the seller had a slight loss of 80000 yuan because of 2.45 million yuan.

The operating price of the third phase of Olympic Garden in Dongba District of Xiangyang District is 11.51 million yuan in April 2020 and 11.46 million yuan in September 2017. Compared with the total housing price, the turning point of this range is almost negligible.

According to the performance of the National Bureau of statistics, the price index of second-hand housing in Beijing soared from 112.6 in January 2016 to 156.8 in March and April 2017, with the price index rising by about 40%. It is not too much to describe it as a price on a town day.

in 2017, after the \ Since 2020, according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the prices of second-hand houses in Beijing still have a slight upward trend.

from December 2019 to may 2020, Beijing's second-hand house prices have been increasing except for February. Even in May 2020, the prices of second-hand houses also showed a year-on-year rise, which was almost the scenario that could be seen before April 2017.

in May 2020, Beijing's second-hand housing price index rose to 149.1, which is equivalent to the level in September 2017.

The market is also active. For the first time, intermediaries seem to be trying to promote business. Ms. Tian informed \ The latest sales words of the intermediary are: \ According to the data of Zhuge's house search, on July 8, whether the number of units or the area of transactions, they were all floating upward, and the weekly data was also increasing.

Sheng Jialin, who has been deeply cultivated in the central villa area for many years, also informed reporters that he did not have a good command of the market: \

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